Why you should learn Tagalog

Why You Should Learn Tagalog

Three reasons why you should learn Tagalog. Once you arrive at the busy airport in the Philippines, you will be greeted by locals who speak English decently. You might be even surprised with their grasp of the language. Getting around the city and even the provinces is not a huge problem as you will be able to have proper conversations with a lot of people.

Now you might ask if the Philippines is practically an English-speaking country as well, why do I need to learn their language? Well, there are numerous reasons why learning Tagalog is still the best route when staying for a long time in the Philippines.

3 Reasons why you should learn Tagalog

Pinoy at heart

Needless to say, learning the language of a country is like opening the window to its culture and history. Learning Tagalog gives you a deeper understanding of the Philippines and its history. It also offers a better glimpse of how’s and why’s of Filipino behaviors and customs.

Another thing to note is that when you are fluent in their native language, it’s much easier for you to form bonds and relationships with the people around you. You get the jokes, the references and stories of your peers when you go out drinking. You won’t feel out of place. Lastly, if you have a long-term plan of staying in the Philippines, may it be for business or other reasons, your first step in adapting to the community is to converse with them. Hence, learning Tagalog is a must if you really want to be Pinoy at heart.


Imagine traveling the beautiful islands of the Philippines without having any troubles of not knowing where to go or what to do — yes, no need for translations. It’s a known fact that the hidden gems of the Philippines are usually in its farthest of provinces where Google Translate is not always present.

Traveling is not only about taking pictures and diving into the bluest of seas. It’s ultimately about making it a personal experience by getting to know more about the place and its people. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to hear the stories of the locals and being able to share your story too. Learning Tagalog enables this once in a lifetime experience.

For love

It’s impossible not to meet a Filipina who will just sweep you off of your feet. Filipinas are caring, generous, warm, and attractive. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who are in a relationship with a Filipina, chances are you’d want to understand what she’s saying when she’s annoyed, playful or happy.

You’d want to know the remarks she drops when talking about you. You’d want to hop on her addiction to teleseryes (Pinoy TV shows) or feel her Tagalog song dedicated to you. There are a thousand reasons why being able to speak Tagalog is beneficial for your relationship, but the number one reason is to be able to say “mahal kita” in the deepest, truest meaning of the phrase.

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What Filipino words do you speak?

Or do you have other reasons to learn Tagalog?

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