Filipinas and Money Stigma

Filipinas and Money Stigma

The Filipinas and money stigma. While stereotypes are everywhere, it is most certainly present in a Filipina-Caucasian relationship. These interracial relationships often raise some eyebrows because of the stigma that these women are just in for the money. Gold-Digging Happens It stems from the fact that the man is from a first-world country while the …

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The traditional Filipino wedding

The Traditional Filipino Wedding

Time for the traditional Filipino wedding. So, you’ve finally had her say yes. Both of you are already ready for married life. But it isn’t an easy-peasy thing. After all, the proposal was just the beginning. Filipinos are known for being excessively family-oriented. A traditional Filipino wedding basically revolves around being able to meet and …

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5 Best Characteristics of Filipinas

5 Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas

What are the 5 Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas? From Filipina beauty to the list of characteristics, here’s what every Pinay who wants to date a foreigner needs to know. While there’s a huge number of Filipino women who try to date foreign men(particularly Westerners) by means of online dating, family or friend referral, social …

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