Summer 2018

Hello, Summer 2018! Welcome to Hundred Islands!

Summer 2018: The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) have already declared the beginning of summer in the country. This dry season runs from March to May. This is also the time where everyone wants to go to the beach to refresh themselves from the scorching heat. Mind you, the temperature fluctuates from 30 centigrade to 40 centigrade or even higher which really makes you enjoy the season or just stay at home. Some people prefer to go window shopping for a cooler ambiance in the mall.

How to get to The Hundred Islands, Pangasinan?

However, one of the most exciting summer getaways for local and foreign tourists is The HUNDRED ISLANDS in Alaminos, Pangasinan. This is one of the famous destinations of tourists because of its beautiful scenery. It is about 5 to 6 hours from Manila by bus but it may vary if you have your own car going there.

You may take a bus from any Cubao terminal to Alaminos. The fare is very affordable which is ranging from 500-600 Philippine peso. Your effort, time, and expenses are worth rewarding as you arrive at the place. So, various islands are developed for the enjoyment of people.

The major tourist destinations are: Governor Island, Children’s Island and Quezon Island.

These are the major islands which have been developed for tourism: The Governor Island which has a captivating view. You can enjoy the zip line over the water on this island connecting to Virgin Island. Another one is the Children’s Island which, as its name entails is fitted for the young ones because its water is shoal. The third island is the Quezon Island named after President Manuel L. Quezon, who signed the creation of Hundred Islands National Park way back January 18, 1940. You can enjoy the serene water here.

Governor Island Luzon

What to do in The Hundred Islands?

In addition, you can also pass by or even take pictures on smaller islands like Sulpot Island, Monkey Island, Abad Santos Island, Hernandez Island, Virgin Island, Century Island, Cathedral Island, Crocodile, and Turtle Island, Devil’s Island, Scout Island, Marcos Island with Imelda Cave.

Each island has its unique picturesque. Therefore, they might be for the purpose of sightseeing or taking pictures only. Unlike the more developed islands, you can stay there for a day or a night with your family, friends or even officemates. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy: island-hopping, helmet diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, and zip line over the water.

Enjoy the summer with island-hopping, helmet diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, and zip line over the water.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Plan ahead for your next vacation here in the Philippines.

Hurry, there is so much to unveil the beauty of the Philippines than just listening to black propaganda.

Time for you to explore the archipelago of the Philippines.

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What island will you visit in summer 2018?

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