A dramatic love story in captured as “The search for Miss Saigon”. Everyone knows which country Saigon belongs to but not all are aware of how dramatic it played the role during the Vietnam war. Ho Chi Minh City is now its current name and is a thriving city in the southern part of Vietnam. The place is now highly touristic and attracts mostly westerners because of its warmer climate just like its friendly neighbor The Philippines.

The search for Miss Saigon

On the other hand just like any highly developing countries that went through national crisis which led to war in the past, Vietnam also had a darker issue: that is prostitution. It’s as if, whenever war occurs and American soldiers has to deploy in the problematic zone, that red-light districts just pop up like mushrooms here and there. However, it is not to judge or pinpoint who needs to be blamed in this seemingly inevitable recurrence. But it is to appreciate how beautiful a life-love story can be despite of turmoil and tragedy. The search for Miss Saigon is a wonderful example.

Miss Saigon the musical

Miss Saigon is a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, with lyrics by Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr. The play revolves around the tragic romance  between an Asian woman who was abandoned by her American soldier lover. It first kicked off on September 1989 in West End, London and became a huge success since then. The rigorous preparation for the highly anticipated musical took about 3 years in the making from production down to the casting.

Speaking of casting, everyone was thrilled and proud to know that our very own Filipino singer Lea Salonga bagged the main character as Kim. There were several other Filipino artists who got roles in the play. It is just so proud to see that Filipino talents is at its best even back in the 1980’s. The Miss Saigon team had to visit big cities  like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and finally Manila to look for the next big star who will play Kim. And they just found the right one in Manila who since the Miss Saigon premier became an international star and won the first Asian to receive Best Actress in Tony Awards. We are so proud of Lea Salonga(the original Miss Saigon) and the rest of the Filipinos who were part of the play.

The search for Miss Saigon continues even today.

The Miss Saigon is still being played worldwide until now by new actors and production. The search for Miss Saigon will continue on. The good news is that Kim is played by another Filipino talented actress of this generation. Who would want to watch the musical live either in West End or Broadway? Give us a like and share!

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