The Philippines Photo Calendar 2018 free download

The Philippines Photo Calendar 2018 free download

Our new-years gift; The Philippines Photo Calendar 2018 free download. Get your free copy today! Enjoy the beautiful Philippines with a 2018 calendar in high definition photos.

We included several highlights of The Philippines. This calendar includes pictures and photos from Philippine islands, people, traditions, and nature.

The Philippines Photo Calendar 2018 free download includes images from:

  1. Manila
  2. Cebu
  3. Bohol
  4. El Nido
  5. Palawan
  6. Dumaguete
  7. Luzon

We included photos of one of the best spots of The Philippines.

Best of: The Philippines Photo Calendar 2018 free download

Manila photo

The photo from Manila is a great image of the capital of The Philippines. With Manila bay in the center of the city, you do have a great moment.

Cebu photo

The old Spanish fort of Cebu is a landmark photo of The Philippines. Cebu city could give 100 different great images that would inspire any travel.

Bohol photo

Iconic sight of the brown “chocolate” hills of Bohol. Enjoy the best-known view of the hills of Bohol.

El Nido photo

Wonderful views captured on the El Nido photo. Enjoy the water-nature view with this specially selected El Nido water image.

Palawan photo

An amazing nature visible on the Palawan photo collection, in The Philippines Image calendar 2018 free download. Get the best from nature. Enjoy the fauna and flora.

Dumaguete photo

Great beaches, great people. One of The Philippines favorite destinations. We included the best beaches of the Dumaguete area.

Luzon photo

Weter it’s the mountain view or the people. The Luzon area of The Philippines has great moments to include in our 2018 image calendar. The selection focused on the rocky mountain view and the local tribes.

Download the calendar for free! Download Now!

Let us know what your favorites are.

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