The Philippines: A Hub for English Second Language Companies

The Philippines: a Hub for English Second Language Companies

The Philippines: a Hub for English Second Language Companies (ESL). In this modern time, everything can be achieved easily. The advancement of technology makes our lives cozy. The wonder of the computer and the connection with one another is proof that we are living in a globalized world. In job opportunities and even in looking for a partner. Many people are active on various dating sites just to search for the love of their lives. Who could tell  Uncle Sam meet Maria on the other side of the world? Intermarriages have been common around the world. This is in search of a happier and meaningful life. Life is becoming more exciting, interesting and convenient. So do The Philippines: a Hub for English Second Language Companies:

Online education companies

One of the developments that most people enjoy is online education. It helps people to minimize stress in their studies by traveling every day to school, and even staying away from their loved ones. Students can learn English through Skype, Kakao Talk, Viber, Weechat and many more to mention.

In this kind of learning, students are taught the basic rules of grammar, sentence construction, proper pronunciation, and intonation. Students study with their online teachers from 25 minutes to an hour. With this development, The Philippines: a Hub for English Second Language Companies is chosen as one of the destinations of online companies.

The Philippines is chosen as one of the top destinations for companies

English teaching

The Philippines has been a hub of English Online Companies as well as BPO or Business Process Outsourcing. This is an indication that our country can be trusted. It performs well in dealing with worldwide customers, especially in helping other nationalities to speak English.

Filipinos are of great help in polishing the English skills of non-English speaking countries. Foreigners love the passion and honesty of Filipinos in helping express themselves in English. They are so patient and eager in motivating their students to express themselves. No doubt foreign investors continue to expand their businesses in the Philippines.

Foreign investors continue to expand activities inThe Philippines: a Hub for English Second Language Companies

There’s no doubt Filipino teachers are also in demand all over the world. Teaching skill is an export product for The Philippine economy. Overall, The Philippines is becoming competitive in all areas of life.

However, discrimination is present. It is also present in an English online company. ex. Filipinos cannot get a higher rate as native speakers. Even Filipinos are performing well in this area. This is the sentiment of professionals. In spite of this issue, Filipinos continue to excel in this line of job.

English Hub

To top it all, being an English hub entails expectations and responsibilities. That is why a lot of Filipino professionals are stepping up by getting TESOL, IELTS, CELTA, masters, and doctorate in English. In this way, they can compete globally. As can they demand a higher salary than before.

English speaking countries are increasing in numbers. The competition is getting stronger. So, Filipinos are exerting more effort to perform well. They work hard. And they work with different nationalities. In this way, various companies continue to expand their businesses here in the Philippines.

Indeed, Filipinos are grateful for the trust and confidence of foreign investors. The expansion of multinational companies here in the Philippines brings more jobs to Filipinos. In return, Filipinos are performing par excellence in helping foreigners to speak English fluently.

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