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How to List your Belgian Filipino Business or Organization?

List your Belgian Filipino business or organization for FREE on our website. Get visitors from our directory listing. Exclusive for Belgian and Filipino businesses and organizations.

General questions:

Who can list?

All legal persons and businesses who deliver a service or product for the Belgian Filipino Community.

E.g. If you sell Filipino food products, you can list! or

E.g. If you organize a Filipino church meeting, you also can list!

What is a listing?

Listing is organizing names and contact details in a specific order. Directory lists make searching and finding a business or organization a lot much easier.

Why should you list on us?

Listing in Belgian Filipino Lovers is a great opportunity for our very own businesses and organizations to show pride and unity in our society. In addition, a list of the directory is the easiest way of reaching new customers and promoting new products or services.

Why is it an exclusive directory?

We strive to make the directory as accurate and updated as possible. The exclusivity is within Belgium and the Philippines businesses & organizations in order to promote unity and social awareness. Consequently, we do not allow spammy or unsolicited list applications.

Is it really FREE of charge to list?

Yes, it is. Just make a FREE account and get listed on the listing form.

I listed, why am I not visible yet?

We do check all list applications. On submission, your application is not yet visible. Once approved, your listing will be visible in our directory.

How to list your Belgian Filipino business or organization?

Procedures to list:

  1. Go to the Directory page on our website.
  2. Click on the ‘Start Now’ button.
  3. Login or Make an account
  4. When logged in, the listing form will be visible
  5. Fill in, and place listing

What list of categories can I choose from?

The following available categories are Artist, B&B, Balikbayan Box, Business Organizations, Church, Community, Dating, Shop, Translator, and Travel Organization

Furthermore, there are also, Embassy, Filipino Martial Arts Club, Hilot Practitioner, Hotel, Medical Center, Rentals, Restaurant, and Scuba Diving.

If you don’t find your category yet, then choose “other”.

Categories can definitely expand over time.

List your Belgian Filipino business or organization in any category that is applicable.

What list of locations can I choose from?

The list location is the location you operate from.

So, the standard settings allow you to choose between Belgium, The Netherlands, and The Philippines.

In addition, we also have specific locations: Manila, Cebu, Brussels

All other locations can be submitted with the option “other”.

In conclusion, how to list your Belgian Filipino business or organization is FREE and EASY. It is a FREE listing, which can generate new clients or members without any hassle. We ensure you that our website directory is accurate and up to date.

All new listings can be added on that page!

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