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Learn Filipino Martial Arts in 2019?

Do you want to learn any Filipino martial arts in 2019? If yes, then take a look at the overview of events that are going on in Belgium:

Learn Filipino Martial Arts by belgianfilipinolovers.be

Filipino Martial Arts Eernegem

This group is meant to train and grow together in Filipino martial art in a safe and responsible way. You don’t have to have experience in any other martial arts, just be motivated to train and learn.

Martial Arts Kali Wervik

Filipino Martial Arts Oostakker

Martial Arts CCS is a martial art group that has its origins in the Philippines and where work is being done on a high-quality learning program in the field of self-defense. Martial Arts are not only about fighting but also about personal development.

Even though this style has its roots in the Philippines, there are also elements from Indonesia, China, Europe such as Pencak Silat, Westerns boxing, Wing chun, etc.

Would you like to learn more about Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali, Arnis, and Eskrima?

Contact the Belgian Kali, Arnis, Escrima federation or Filipino Martial Arts club in your area.

Filipino sports club are welcome to join our directory. Register your club for Free! Want to know more about registering your club?

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