How to select a theme park

How to select a Theme Park for you and your family?

How to select a theme park can be a real challenge. This article makes it clear for you, how you can select a theme park that fits perfectly for you and your family. Here’s more, you will learn to buy theme park tickets at discounted prices.

As the holiday comes closer, it’s important to decide in advance which theme park you and your family will soon visit. Just like with planning any vacation, considering going to a theme park can be time-consuming if you don’t know where to go to. Plus, not to mention that you get the best price when you book your ticket in advance. That’s why, we’ve made some lists to consider, in order for you to have the best time in a theme park.

Which Theme Park by Belgian Filipino Lovers

How to select a Theme Park

1. Type of Theme Park – As observed on the list of theme parks listed above, you might notice that theme parks have different types. There’s the amusement park that offers outdoor or indoor rides. The other one is a water park that provides either indoor, outdoor water activities or both. And the last one is a traditional park which provides an outdoor playground, natural parks or garden. For parents, it matters most when you consider what your child prefers to visit and do.

2. Location – Although Belgium is a little sizeable land that one can even travel point east to west in a day, location can still play a part in deciding where to go. Most Belgians go on holiday on land using their cars, if not they would rather go by train. NMBS or SNCB is Belgium’s national railway company. They usually offer seasonal train fare discounts in most touristic points in Belgium.

3. Price – If this is your concern, you may compare prices between theme parks to see the differences. However, entrance fees for Belgian theme parks generally don’t differ much except those bigger and more known parks like those of Plopsa, Walibi, and Bellewaerde. If the price is still a big deal for you, worry no more! We’ve got online special deals available for you.

4. Age Limit – This can be a little tricky as few theme parks can get tight on this for security reasons. There are particular theme parks like water parks where infants are not allowed for entry to some restricted facilities(adults only). It’s always better to check ahead if there’s an age limit or restriction to not cause any disappointment. But rest assured that most theme parks are child and family-friendly. If not, then why would theme parks exist in the first place?

5. Season – Considering the seasons when going to theme parks can make or break your theme park getaway. This is especially true when going with young children. When the sun is out, it’s always nice to get exposed outside and feel warm while pushing your child on a trolley. Unfortunately, this is not the case during a cold and rainy season. Keep in mind whether where you decide to go is an outdoor or an indoor theme park. Not only you will have a wonderful time with your kids, but you’ll also avoid those haggard and tantrum moments.

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Now that do you know the important things to look at when selecting a theme park holiday, let us know your favorite theme park in Belgium?

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