Belgian Fiance Visa: How to Apply

How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines?

How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines? Apply documents before your marriage. Steps during the marriage. And what do you need to do after the marriage? Belgian Filipino couples are asking this question many times: How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines?

You can read answers on the internet. You can ask friends. Our you can rely on the embassy. With this article, you will enjoy the fruits of all resources above. How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines can be explained in 5 steps:

How to apply for a Belgian Filipino fiance visa

Basic fiance visa application steps

The 5 basic steps: (after you decided to get married in Belgium)

  1. Notice of Intended Marriage, Certificate of Legal Capacity and Affidavit of Legal Status.
  2. Marriage Declaration Act Application.
  3. Fiance Visa Application.
  4. Solemnization.
  5. Report of Marriage. Miscellaneous.

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Before the marriage

#1 The Philippine Embassy in Brussels is asking for Notice of Intended Marriage. Some town halls will aks for Certificate of Legal Capacity and/or an Affidavit of Legal Status.

#2 The Marriage Declaration Act is the English for the first administrative step in marriage in Belgium called “ondertrouw” or “huwelijksaangifte”.

#3 The next step to take once the Marriage Declaration Act. Together with the applicant and the sponsor’s requirements are ready: the Fiance Visa Application. Afterward, you will have a Follow-up or Waiting Period. Finally Claiming your Visa and Things to Prepare Once Approved. Steps to do once already in Belgium.

During the marriage

#4 How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines? And get a successful Solemnization in Belgium? In this fourth step, you will be in front of the wedding officer in the town hall. Basically, it’s the act of performing the marriage ceremony.

After the marriage

#5 Report of Marriage there are still a few more steps you need to take. Miscellaneous tips and information will make the transition into the married life in Belgium easier.

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How to Apply for a Belgian Fiance Visa in The Philippines? Stay focused and keep calm during your fiance visa application!

How did your application go? Share your tips in the comment section below. Or read our article about Filipina characteristics. 

Disclaimer: This information is only intended for informational purposes. It does not replace any legal advice.

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