Paris Top Destination for Belgian Filipino Couples

How Paris Became the Top Destination for Belgian Filipino Couples

Is Paris the top romantic destination for Belgian Filipino couples? If there’s that one place any tourist couples could just choose and visit for its character and magnitude of class? No doubt, a majority of them vote for Paris City. But how did Paris become the top destination for Belgian Filipino couples?

For Belgian Filipino couples, Paris is definitely not so new. The most lovable city of them all is also popularly called The City of Love, The City of Light, and La Ville-Lumiere. Paris may have so many titles attached to it, but that is because it earned those names. With its charming setting, rich art and history, sweet language, attractive locals, and so much more to mention, no wonder it captures anyone who comes to experience the place.

Filipinos being present around the world

Filipinos on the other hand, are one of the sweetest nationalities the world always treasures. Their presence may be clearly visible in America and Europe but that’s due to 12% of the Filipinos living and working abroad around the globe. Filipinos are also drawn to the western way of living which explains why they are fond of bringing stuff and goods from overseas back to their country.

Paris is the top destination for Belgian Filipino couples

French business and lifestyle introduced to Filipinos

From a business perspective, there is surely a mutual advantage going between investors (specifically those who bring foreign brands and services to the Philippines) and Filipino consumers (who support their businesses). The demand for hi-end dining and shopping experience(which used to be only available in Europe back in the days) in Asia is continually increasing.

The Philippines is no exception to Asia’s excessive consumerism. In Metro Manila and Cebu alone, French restaurants like La Mere Poulard(a gourmet restaurant that first started in Mont Sint Michel, France) just recently opened in SM Aura Premier, Taguig. Another famous French bakery named Paul Boulangerie et Patisserie is becoming more familiar to Filipino taste buds.

So to say, the western way of consumerism brings Filipinos rather into a western lifestyle. Somehow, that instills in society an ambition to experience a European lifestyle. Part of which is spending travel to the most romantic city, Paris.

French influences in Belgium and to Belgians

Not so far away from Belgium, in its southern border is a much bigger France. Belgium was once a French colony from 1794 to 1815, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. French influences in Belgium are most evident in their language (French is one of Belgium’s official languages), culinary, art, and infrastructures. The Belgian franc, was Belgium’s currency from 1832 to 2002 until it was replaced by Euro. Over time, France became Belgium’s favorite go-to for holiday, shopping, sports, and other leisure. Due to its close location to each other, one can easily travel to and fro by car.

Why Paris is the top destination for lovers and couples

Belgian Filipino Couples in Paris by

For a place to be called the most romantic destination on earth, there must be a very special thing in there why lovebirds keep coming back. It could be that anniversary experience of walking along Champs-élysées while holding hand in hand with your loved one at the same time gazing at chic French boutiques.

It might well be that dream come true of sitting together on a French cafe’s terrace while having a bite of an authentic croissant and a sip of warm coffee whilst enjoying the tall view of Eiffel tower. Or that moment, where you can finally ask your girlfriend for a marriage proposal while sailing across the Seine river and enjoying the city view with its astonishing buildings.

Anyone who has visited Paris can formulate hundreds of valid reasons why Belgian – Filipino couples, in particular, choose Paris in their special holidays and occasion getaway. With all the good stuff mentioned and written about Paris, no wonder why it became the top destination for couples especially to Belgian – Filipino partners. Paris is obviously a top destination for Belgian Filipino couples.

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