A Blossoming Filipino Make-Up Artist in Europe’s High Fashion

Filipino Make-Up Artist Noel Inocencio is a growing star in Europe’s make-up industry. High fashion has always been eyed by the majority as a lavishly lucrative industry. With lots of glitz and glamour starting from clients and models down to the production team, anyone can only imagine how intricate this business works.

One successful campaign takes a long creative process by a great number of highly talented individuals. Thus, each person involved in a high fashion project is carefully screened and must show a high level of artistic skills. The next time you think why brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Hermes and so much more are whooping expensive, think about how many artisans they have to compensate to do the work using excellent materials.

High fashion

A chunk in the world of high fashion is not that popular yet many may often adore or wonder how it is all put into reality as soon as they see those flashy photos on glossy papers. Editorials are present in every high fashion magazine out there on the market. In fact, none of these colored shiny paper can be called high fashion without them. Editorial is a product of creative interpretations of different artists to convey a convincing and imaginative story. No editorial is achieved without an editorial make-up artist. Most of the time, this type of make-up is non-wearable for everyday use. It is only mainly done for fashion runway shows and magazine sheets.

Filipino Make-Up Artist

As we are all aware, Filipinos are scattered in all corners of the world. They are hard working fellows who come to foreign countries either as an immigrant or an expat or as a foreign worker. In the circle of international fashion, Filipino names have also set its record. Big names like Michael Cinco, Monique Lhuillier, Charo Ronquillo and more have made their names globally in their respective fields in fashion.

A Filipino Make-Up Artist born and raised in the Philippines is making a label in the world of fashion makeup

Meanwhile, in Europe, a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines is making a label in the world of fashion makeup. Having lived in Belgium for more than a decade has taught him countless life lessons. However, his dramatic breakthrough happened just after truly discovering himself and his artistic passion.

Filipino Make-Up ArtistThe Belgian Filipino Lovers team is very privileged to have a thorough one-on-one interview with a young talented Filipino Make-Up Artist based in Liege, Belgium.

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Let us get to know Noel and his makeup artistry.

An interview with the Filipino Make-Up Artist

Name: Noel Inocencio

Age: 32

Origin: Hinunangan Southern Leyte

Based: Liege/Brussels

About your job

1. Which type(s) of Make-Up Artist are you?

I mostly work in fashion, although I’ve been trained as well for TV, Film, Wedding, Special Effects, and Theatrical Makeup. So I do work in that field as well from time to time whenever I get booked.

2. Who is the special person, you drew your inspiration from? Why?

I have drawn my inspiration to those who I love the most and important to me, their existence gave me the motivation to push thru and reach my goals

Also, I grew up in a small town in the Southern part of the Philippines. I just want to spread the message that no matter where you came or you grew up from, all of these don’t hinder or stop you from reaching your aspirations in life. I want to give an example and to inspire my people in the province so they have to strive more if they want something,

Where I grew up from was a far cry from modern life that I saw after I left my hometown. I want to spread the word that if I can do it, they can too! 🙂

3. Tell us about a time you had a very stressful day at work and how did you handle it?

Whenever I get stressed at work, I just simply think about positive things and take a deep breath!

I love Mac cosmetics

4. Choose your favorite cosmetic brand/s and why.

I love MAC Cosmetics, not only for their great products but also to the message that they’re putting out there stating that Make-up is for everyone regardless of your race, gender and age, in which I do agree.

And they’re also very supportive of young talents like me, so a big shout out to them!

Personal Questions for a Filipino Make-Up Artist

1. How old were you when you became addicted to make-up?

I got addicted probably when I was like 21 or something.

2. What/Who convinced you to be a Make-Up Artist?

What convinced me is that when I was 26, I thought I was old and I really needed a career, and definitely in fashion, growing up I wanted to become a Fashion Designer and when I arrived in Belgium a few years later I checked on some schools, and I was like.. no way, it was too expensive and with some disadvantages in life back then I didn’t make it and moved on to Photography.

I saved money to buy a camera and started making up friends and take photos but then at the end of the day I didn’t have the patience to learning the techniques on how to use a pro camera and stuff, so it didn’t work out for me.

So my last option was to become a Make-up Artist. I then decided to enroll at the Makeup For Ever Academy in Brussels and the rest is history.

And by the way, no one really convinced to become one but myself 🙂

3. What are the three tools in your make up kit that you can never live without?

Eyelash curler / Small Japanese toothbrush / 217 Mac brush

4. Which places in the Philippines and Belgium you love to spend a vacation in?

In the Philippines: Siargao, Amanpulo, Batanes

In Belgium: I’d say in Brugge and Ardennes.

5. Tell us your favorite quote.

‘’ You never fail until you stop trying. ‘’

Internet and Social Media

1. How does social media affect your career as a Make-Up Artist?

I would say that it definitely affects my career positively.

2. What is your favorite social media platform(s)? Why?

I like Facebook, it really helps me connect with my family and friends all over the world.

And of course Instagram, I love how visual it is and it also provides opportunities, like in a way I get booked at times through Instagram. So, it’s great!

Projects and Plan

1. What projects are you working on now? What about your biggest breakthrough project ever?

I’m busy at the moment on finding an agency in Paris, and work more there!

And there’s definitely a lot of projects that I’ve considered as my proud moments, like when I did the campaign for a Paris based brand which was shot by Pierre Debusschere along with Tom Van Dorpe to name a few; both Belgian talents who make it big in the Fashion Industry.

But what I’m really most proud of is being able to do what I love and make a living out of it, working in Fashion ain’t easy at all. It can really make or break you but with determination, dedication and hard work, it’s possible. It can take time but it’ll be worth it.

2. How do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself still doing Makeup Artistry, possibly be residing in Paris and having a Make-up line.

3. Advise for Make-Up Artist starters, who would like to follow your footsteps?

Don’t be scared of dreaming BIG. Listen to yourself, not to other people and don’t let your background or disadvantages in life stop you from reaching your goals. Know your strength or focus on which field of Make- up Artistry are you most passionate about. Educate, read books, volunteer, and practice, practice!

Never stop learning as Filipino Make-Up Artist 🙂

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