Filipinas and Money Stigma

Filipinas and Money Stigma

The Filipinas and money stigma. While stereotypes are everywhere, it is most certainly present in a Filipina-Caucasian relationship. These interracial relationships often raise some eyebrows because of the stigma that these women are just in for the money.

Gold-Digging Happens

It stems from the fact that the man is from a first-world country while the Philippines is on the developing side, and that most of the adult Filipinas have their families financially dependent on them. Thus, it elicits malicious ideas of gold-digging. We’ve heard so many cases of this, and the cold hard truth is, it really happens.

Now the question that always follows is: Will it happen to me when I date a Filipina? The answer is flat out no, not if you allow it to. A relationship is based on mutual decisions, and both of you are ultimately responsible for them.

A Sincere Relationship

People who engage in such types of relationships may have their own reasons, but one thing to note here is that these incidents are not race-specific. It happens because of an individual’s own principles (or lack thereof). And while the number of cases is high, this is not to generalize that all Filipinas are like this, or that all relationships will turn out to be a benefactor-beneficiary kind.

There are also a lot of success stories of interracial relationships based on sincerity, mutual respect, and genuine love. This is the type of relationship you should look for. And there are also a lot of Filipinas who can take on this role.

Gold-Digging: Filipinas and Money Stigma(TRUTH)

Serious Filipinas and Money

When you visit the Philippines, or even just on Filipino dating sites, you’ll get to know Filipinas who are seeking for friendship, company and eventually a serious relationship. You’ll find out why they are easily a wife material – caring, family-oriented, warm and sincere.

On the aspect of cultural differences, you wouldn’t have to worry as much because the Philippines is a melting pot and is heavily influenced by Western perspectives. Plus, English is their second language!

There may be a lot of challenges in dating a Filipina (as with any other relationships), so this money stigma shouldn’t even be a priority. Just focus on finding a potential serious partner, and who knows, its beautiful islands might give you one soon!

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What is your experience with Filipinas and Money?

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