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Download our useful collection of Belgian - Filipino eBooks and calendars from e-Learning, how-to's on a Visa, Jose Rizal bio, up to photo books!

Learning Tagalog – A Survival Course

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Rizal – A Short Biography

Rizal’s own story of his life. In the history of mankind, there are names which of themselves signify achievements. They call forth reverence and remind us of greatness.

A Practical Fiance Visa Application Guide

The practical fiance visa application guide from Belgian Filipino Lovers is a helpful ebook, not only for Fiance Visa applicants. Enjoy the application process more with our practical ebook. Save time and money!

Doing Business in the Philippines

A European – Philippines Business eBook. A useful┬áreading for any Belgian who looks into doing business opportunities in the Philippines.

Belgian – Filipino Calendars 2018

Beautiful calendars with images from Belgium and the Philippines.

Filipina Photobook 2019

High-Quality Photobook with beautiful Filipinas.

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