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Download our useful collection of Belgian - Filipino eBooks and calendars from e-Learning, how-to's on a Visa, Jose Rizal bio, up to photo books!

Learning Tagalog – A Survival Course

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Rizal – A Short Biography

Rizal’s own story of his life. In the history of mankind, there are names which of themselves signify achievements. They call forth reverence and remind us of greatness.

A Practical Fiance Visa Application Guide

The practical fiance visa application guide from Belgian Filipino Lovers is a helpful ebook, not only for Fiance Visa applicants. Enjoy the application process more with our practical ebook. Save time and money!

Doing Business in the Philippines

A European – Philippines Business eBook. A useful reading for any Belgian who looks into doing business opportunities in the Philippines.

Belgian – Filipino Calendars 2018

Beautiful calendars with images from Belgium and the Philippines.

Filipina Photobook 2019

High-Quality Photobook with beautiful Filipinas.

Visitors' Poll:

On 18th of September in 1891 José Rizal's book El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed) came of the printing press in Ghent.

Would you like to see the City of Ghent name a street after him to commemorate this historic event and evergreen story?