Belgian Filipino Lovers

An Introductory Course

- Learning Tagalog -

This book is specifically designed to introduce basic vocabulary, grammar and
pragmatics of the Tagalog language. Unlike conventional language books, this book
follows a very simple approach of discussing a foreign language. We have carefully
included dialogues reflecting everyday life and have added some notes on the Filipino
culture as you go along.

Learning Tagalog An Introductory Course by Belgian Filipino Lovers free ebook

The ebook includes:

Conversations - Vocabulary - Grammar
Introducing Yourself
At Home
At The Market
And pragmatics of the Tagalog language
Learning Tagalog an introductory course free ebook 3D
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Edwin Lim

Learning eBook

- Tagalog In A Flash -

Tagalog in a Flash: Volume I is an excellent new Tagalog language learning resource for beginning students and a great way to study Tagalog vocabulary.

Tagalog in a Flash ebook
Containing 448 flash cards
The most commonly used Tagalog words and phrases
Sample sentences
Handy indexes
A guide to using the cards for most effective learning

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Belgian Filipino Lovers

A Short Biography

- Rizal -

Rizal’s own story of his life. In the history of mankind, there are names which of themselves signify achievements. They call forth reverence and remind us of greatness.

Rizal a short biography 2019 ebook
Rizal's own story
His daily life in Biñan.
Student in Manila.
His childhood impressions.
His travels from Japan to England across America.
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Belgian Filipino Lovers

A Practical Guide

- Fiance Visa Application -

The practical fiance visa application guide from Belgian Filipino Lovers is a helpful ebook, not only for Fiance Visa applicants. Enjoy the application process more with our practical ebook. Save time and money!

Visa Application Guide cover

The guide includes some helpful tips like:

Step-by-step guide to apply for your visa
A practical guide with real examples.
How to stop losing time and money.

ECCP - 2020

Doing Business

- In the Philippines -

A European – Philippines Business eBook. A useful reading for any Belgian who looks into doing business opportunities in the Philippines.

doing business in the philippines 2020 ebook

The guide includes some helpful tips like:

Summary of Steps in Starting a Business.
Foreign Investments in the Philippines.
Border Control and Customs Regulations.

This is an ECCP download.

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