Discover Belgium: Things to Do

Discovering Belgium: The Heart of Europe

Situated in the heart of Europe, Belgium is a perfect starting point for your European getaway. It might be a tiny country in the western part of Europe yet there’s so much to discover in its culture and history. Belgium is the home of the European Union and NATO headquarters, as well as thousands of picturesque medieval castles and fortresses.

Why do you need to visit Belgium, the heart of Europe?

Alright, given that Belgium has all those stunning medieval architectures that kind of bring you back to the old-time like those scenes we see in Game of Thrones. Why do you need to come to Belgium? There are so many interesting pieces of stuff about Belgium that one should come and experience each of them at least once in a lifetime. Can you believe that this tiny bitsy land has three different official languages? They are namely Dutch, French, and German. So if you’re planning to visit the heart of Europe anytime soon, you may want to start learning basic survival words of these languages. Learning these languages is very helpful as you may also visit other Belgian neighboring countries like The Netherlands, France, and Germany. Another important reason why you should come to Belgium is its food. Who else in the world doesn’t know that the most delicious waffles, fries, beers, and pralines are all made in Belgium? As a matter of fact, they have over 100 types of beers which they still locally produced up to date. Mind-blowing, right?

Traveling around Belgium, made convenient by train

Because of Belgium’s pretty small size, traveling around the country is made easy and convenient. Thanks to NMBS/SNCB, its national rail transportation. Commuting by train brings you to East from West in just a couple of hours. So, if you’re a tourist and would like to do some sightseeing, two to five day-touring would be enough to discover Belgium’s must-places to visit.

Traveling in Belgium by car

The other and the most efficient way of going around Belgium is by driving a car. If you’re a tourist who comes to travel to Belgium independently. That means you are not joining a group through an agency. Traveling by car whether it’s rented or borrowed from a family or friend is the most ideal option. It might be on the pricey side but the benefit of being able to follow your own itinerary and pace can be rewarding.

Here’s the List of 12 Best Places in Belgium You Should Visit! by Belgian Filipino Lovers

Belgium’s Best Places To Visit

Don’t come to Belgium without planning to visit these beautiful places and cities or you miss a huge chunk of your trip! Write these picturesque escapes on your itinerary!

  1. The Arc de Triomphe – It is situated in the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels and has the best view of the park and the city. Visit here during spring and summer seasons and you’ll surely make beautiful postcards for your family and friends back home.
  2. Liege – Guillemins train station – Liege is a beautiful municipality placed in a French-speaking area of Belgium. They’ve got the tastiest Luikse waffles and a lot of tourist places to visit as well. Don’t forget to drop by at their modern train station by architect Santiago Calatrava.
  3. Knokke – Heist – It is just located in the coastal area of the country along the southern border of the Netherlands. The city is great to unwind during warmer days. Stroll around the Zwin Nature Park for relaxation or spying seabirds. If bored, go out and shop in their posh shopping areas.
  4. Ieper – This town is placed in the province of West Flanders. Since it is surrounded by World War battlefields, many of the memorials and museums were built to remember war heroes who sacrificed their lives for their country. Notice the gothic styles of their buildings around the city too.
  5. Antwerp – The most populous city in Belgium offers the most places to visit. There are so many things to do in Antwerp from shopping in Meir Street, visiting the China Town and the Central Station which is right next to each other, up to taking photos of the museums and churches.
  6. Leuven – Just right east of Brussels is Leuven, the capital of Flemish Brabant. It is a beautiful town with lots of places to visit like the Oude Markt and the Gothic St. Peter’s Church. The city boasts its university, KU Leuven as among the bests in Europe with its high-quality education.
  7. Brugge – A romantic place to have a dinner date with your love is just less than an hour’s ride from Brussels via an IC train. Brugge is considered the Venice of Western Europe with its beautiful canals, cobbled streets, and medieval buildings. Try their mussels and fries for lunch and pralines for souvenirs as well.
  8. Gent – The city that used to be a very prominent state during the Medieval period, is now a university spot and a melting pot of different cultures. It has the best medieval buildings in Belgium from Gravensteen castle to its churches like St. Bavo and St. Michael. Just like Brugge, it’s a perfect place to ride a boat tour.
  9. Atomium – It is probably the most popular landmark in Belgium and known around the world. The construction of this architecture was made possible for the 1958 Brussels World Fair. When you get hungry while around the area, don’t worry as you may find vendors selling Belgian fries and snacks around the corner.
  10. Dinant – Another gem to spend time in Belgium is Dinant, located in the province of Namur. It’s a charming city sitting along the river of Meuse. When in there, go and find the statue of Adolphe Sax, the man behind the saxophone. Also, visit the citadel and Church of Our Lady(Collegiale Notre-Dame).
  11. Lion’s Mound, Braine – l’Alleud – It took three years to completely finish the gigantic cone surrounding the landmark (1823-1826). The mound is placed on top of the cone and has a lion symbol that signifies the victory for the monarch. The hilltop gives you the best panoramic view of the battlefield and the battles’ different stages.
  12. Kerstmarkt – This Dutch word means the Christmas market. During the Christmas season, every Belgian visits or drop by the Christmas market in their town to grab some hot wine for a drink with friends or family. As a tourist who happens to be in Belgium during Christmas, don’t ever skip Kerstmarkt. Enjoy the winter ambiance along with music, some wine, and a little shopping.

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Is it your first time traveling to the heart of Europe? or Do you live in Belgium but haven’t visited some of these places yet? Then now is the perfect time to discover the most beautiful places and cities to visit in Belgium.

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