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Feel N Heal Massage is a small company that started in the latter part of 2014 in the Netherlands. It is owned and operated by Arline Exconde Raijmakers who is a registered nurse in the Philippines and a massage practitioner.

She worked in the nursing home in the Netherlands for more than 6 years from August 2010 until she resigned in December 2016. She started sharing her knowledge and skills in massage therapy and its benefits in June 2014 through a chair massage given at a “braderie” in Cuijk called “Cuijk Kei Goed”.

Feel N Heal Massage was registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (KVK) in October, 2014 and started as a mobile massage service catering to clients at home. In 2015, it rented a room in Gennep, Limburg one day a week (utilizing her day off) to have a permanent place where the clients can go.  In 2017, it went full time 6 days a week to accommodate the growing numbers of clients.

Feel N Heal Massage has helped many clients in dealing with their pain brought about by muscle tightness, headache/migraine just to name a few. It has helped clients perform better in their activities of daily living and tackle their jobs more easily.

These results has been possible because of the many benefits of massage therapy and other modalities such as aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and reflexology.   It also uses and offers products from Forever Living which are of excellent quality and effective products based on Aloe Vera.

Unfortunately, Feel N Heal Massage ceased operation in the Netherlands in 2017. It was not a good news for her clients especially those that gets massage regularly but life has full of surprises and we can only hope for the best.

Since I love helping people through “hilot” or touch therapy/massage, I and my husband mutually decided to reopen Feel N Heal Massage in Brugge, Belgium.

Starting a business in a strange country is not easy and quite challenging. But I and my husband are doing our best to get the news out there about the importance of massage therapy in the well-being of a person.

Feel N Heal Massage was officially opened in January but didn’t operate until the latter part of February. It is located just about 3.9 kms from Brugge station at least 9 minutes drive to reach the salon. Parking place are available.

Feel N Heal Massage believes in the power of “hilot” or touch therapy or massage therapy in contributing to the the person’s health and well-being. Me and my siblings grew with “hilot”. My children grew up with me giving them a massage and they were barely sick when they were young.

Hilot really works and is an effective way to treat some simple ailments such as headache, colds, neck, shoulder and back pain or body pain.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the health benefits of a therapeutic massage thereby allowing the client to experience a deep sense of healing and relaxation.

Studies reveal that a regular massage therapy has many health benefits. It does not only elevates your mood, inspires a sense of well-being but also helps you to stay healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Dr. Tiffany Field, Director of Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami believes so much in the effectiveness of massage therapy. She said….

“Just adding a massage makes such an incredible difference. In everything we’ve done, massage is incredibly effective. There’s not a single condition we’ve looked at including cancer that hasn’t responded positively to massage”

Massage therapy is in itself very effective. Many studies have been done and shown that massage therapy really helps in improving the well-being of a person.

However, a combination of healthy eating, regular exercise, enough rest and sleep, having a positive outlook in life and maintaining balance between work or business and leisure and avoiding stress as much as possible along with regular massage can really assist and support the individual to live, feel better and enjoy a happy life.

I am inviting you to please visit my salon and try our amazing services. 🙂

We offer an 80 minute full body massage (from head to toe) for first time clients and you can also avail 10 % discount in all services which is valid until the 24th of April 2018.

I hope to see you there and I can’t wait to meet you and give you one the best massages you will ever have in your life. I guarantee that.

If you have any question you can email me at in[email protected] and I will come back to you as soon as I can or call me at +32487757468.

[su_service title=”Hilot Massage Center” icon=”icon: thumbs-up”]Feel N Heal Massage Address: Karel van Manderstraat 1
8310 St. Kruis, Brugge, Belgium Website: http://www.feelnhealmassage.be [/su_service]

I wish you all a great day.

Kind regards,

Arline E. Raijmakers




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Karel van Manderstraat 1 8310 St. Kruis, Brugge, Belgium Belgium,8310 Show Phone Number ***** http://www.feelnhealmassage.be

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