Dating a Filipina

Dating a Filipina

Dating a Filipina, if anything, is surely an adventure. With cultural differences here and there, it might get a little bumpy but certainly nothing that can’t be handled. Filipinos are well-known for their hospitality and warmth. So if you’re looking for a caring and loving partner, you might just find one in the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Filipinas are Tender, Loving, and Caring

If you’re someone who wants to always feel pampered and valued, you can never go wrong with dating a Filipina. Their tender loving care will surely mesmerize you. Filipinos are very family-oriented, which explains why they also devote themselves to their partners — their future family. They give you their 100% support in anything you do, and will always make you feel encouraged. Filipinas are also great listeners. You’ll find comfort in their words and will always try to liven the mood in a down atmosphere.

Communication is not a huge problem as the majority of the population speaks English. When you are in a relationship with a Filipina, you can consider yourself lucky with the VIP treatment she’ll selflessly give. For your part, just giving her your time and attention is enough for her.

What to Expect when Meeting Her Family?

Filipinos hold familial values highly. When dating, you have to expect that sooner or later you’ll have to meet her family. We’re not just talking about the immediate family, but dozens and dozens of cousins, uncles, and aunts. Filipinos usually have big clans, and family reunions are a common event. While the females are busy preparing food, you’ll see the guys gathered around drinking liquor.

You’ll probably hear the word “tagay” which means a shot. Her uncles will surely ask you to take a shot to show your love for their niece. It’s quite a tradition in the Philippines to drink with the girl’s male relatives and show them you can handle your alcohol well. An “interrogation” comes next with relatives asking you lots of nosy questions about yourself and your relationship. It can be a little uncomfortable for you but with the festive mood, you’ll surely get the hang of it and how to go around with their antics. It’s a glimpse of the Filipino culture and how their family ties are stronger than anything you’ve seen. 

How do Filipinas see Marriage?

As a religious country, most Filipinas eye marriage as the end goal of your relationship. Meeting her relatives is a sure sign that she and her family are ready to welcome you as their own.

Filipinas make a great foundation for a household. They have superb cooking skills and chores are never really a problem. Furthermore, they are very attentive to what is needed in the house. And they are also great wives who will always think of her husband first. And as you have children, you will see how dedicated of a mother they are. Migration, however, is a sensitive matter that both of you need to talk about. While in most cases, Filipinas agree to live in their partner’s home country, it can still be a difficult decision to some. 

In Conclusion

Overall, dating a Filipina is a unique and interesting experience. It’s entirely different from the dating scene in the west. While there are misconceptions about how Filipinas/Asians only value your money, it is an unfair assessment of how they really are. When you meet a good catch, you’ll see that Filipinas are very approachable and genuine. Age and nationality don’t even matter as long as you respect them, give them time and affection, and ultimately, accept their family.

So, do you think you are ready to date a Filipina? Let us know if this blog helps.

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