Let’s talk about the complete list of theme parks in Belgium. In Belgium, you can choose from more than ten theme parks. Which one will you visit first? You will later learn how to choose the one that works for you and your family.

Belgian theme parks

Theme Parks are everyone’s favorite place to go for fun and adventure without spending big bucks. Whether you go with your husband, special someone, kids, friends, or even grandparents, everybody has a perfect place in a wonderful theme park. Belgium is a very good example of the saying, “Small but terrible!”.

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Despite the nation’s tiny size, it has quiet several parks that are considerable bests in Europe. The wide-range of parks in the country from amusement, water, or traditional gives us bunch of varieties and whole new experience, we can all certainly make good memories from.

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Theme parks in Belgium in alphabetical order:

Theme Parks
Aqualibi – Aventure Parc – Bellewaerde – Bobbejaanland – Boudewijn Seapark – Mini-Europe – Mont Mosan – Oceade – Parc attractif Reine Fabiola – Plopsaland – Plopsa Coo – Plopsa Indoor Hasselt – The Labyrynth van Barvaux-sur-Ourthe – Walibi Belgium

1. Aqualibi – It claims to be the most popular water park in Belgium. The park boasts its 29 degrees all year long water activities that include mini-beach, jet, bi-bo, lagoon to name a few. They offer individual day tickets starting from €5(child) to €20(adult).
Address: Boulevard de l’Europe 100, 1300 Wavre
Opened: July 6, 1987
Website: www.walibi.com/aqualibi

2. Aventure Parc – It is an outdoor adventure park that’s great for the whole family and friends. They have flexible offers for different events like birthday party, bachelor party, team building, school trips and more. Individual day fee starts at €10(child) to €29(adult).
Address: Rue Sainte-Anne 152, 1300 Wavre
Opened: 2004
Website: www.aventureparc.be

3. Bellewaerde – One of the first theme parks in Belgium, Bellewaerde was established in 1954 and is located in West-Vlaanderen countryside. It has so much to offer from rides, animals, shows and events. An individual day pass costs at €32.
Address: Meenseweg 497, 8902 Ieper
Opened: July 3, 1954
Website: www.bellewaerde.be

4. Bobbejaanland – It is located in Lichtaart, Belgium. You can enjoy their different attractions, restaurants, shows and events, and shops. It is founded by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a Flemish entertainer who rose to fame in the 50’s and 60’s. Individual day tariff starts at €21.90.
Address: Olensteenweg 45, 2460 Kasterlee
Opened: December 31, 1961
Website: www.bobbejaanland.be

5. Boudewijn Seapark – This theme park is specialized in dolphins and seals shows as they have sea life center dedicated to them. They also offer carnival rides. Individual day pass starts at €10.
Address: Alfons de Baeckestraat 12, 8200 Brugge
Website: www.boudewijnseapark.be

6. Mini-Europe – It is a miniature theme park located in Brussels just nest to the iconic Atomium. Mini-Europe operates seasonally from March to October. Individual day price starts at €11.50(child) and €15.50(adult).
Address: 1020 Brussels
Opened: 1989

Website: www.minieurope.com
7. Mont Mosan – It is a smaller park that offers mini-zoo, mini-golf, play park, and attractions.
Address: Plaine la Sarte, 4500 Huy
Website: www.montmosan.be

8. Oceade – It is a water family friendly park located in Brussels. It offers a wide range of water activities from slides, pools, saunaland (for adults only), zen, and restaurant. Ouragan is their famous and fastest water slide in Belgium.
Address: Avenue du Football 3, 1020 Bruxelles
Website: www.oceade.be

9. Parc attractif Reine Fabiola – It is a smaller outdoor park located in Namen. You will enjoy their playground and other outdoor activities with your kids.
Address: Rond-Point Michel Thonar 1, 5000 Namen

10. Plopsaland – If your child is looking for Maya or Bumba, then this is the place to go. It is strategically located near the Belgian coastline. They offer to meet and greet with their characters, and so many attractions to choose from. Individual day pass starts at €10.99(child) and €36.50(adult).
Address: De Pannelaan 68, 8660 De Panne
Opened: April 29, 2000
Owner: Plopsa/Studio 100
Website: www.plopsalanddepanne.be

11. Plopsa Coo – It is a smaller version of Plopsaland chich offers fun rides and outdoor activities. A day ticket for each person costs €10.99(child) and €25.99(adult).
Address: Grand Coo 4, 4970 Stavelot
Website: www.plopsacoo.be

12. Plopsa Indoor Hasselt – From the title itself, it implies an indoor theme park. Plopsa Indoor offers indoor attractions and rides plus few outdoor playground and climbing activities. As it says, “Whatever the weather, indoor fun guaranteed.” Day ticket per person is €10.99(child) and €19.99(adult).
Address: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70, 3500 Hasselt
Opened: December 24, 2005
Website: www.plopsaindoorhasselt.be

13. The Labyrynth van Barvaux-sur-Ourthe – This is a special outdoor theme park that features its 11-hectare giant maze labyrinth and the labyrinth of doors. They also have a nice outdoor place for eating. Day entrance fee is at €10(child) and €14(adult).
Address: Rue Basse Commène, 6940 Barvaux-sur-Ourthe
Opened: 1997
Website: www.lelabyrinthe.be

14. Walibi Belgium – Like most outdoor amusement parks, Walibi offers many different rides and attractions for the whole family. Daily ticket price is €32.50(child) and €37.50(adult).
Address: Boulevard de l’Europe 100, 1300 Wavre
Opened: July 26, 1975
Phone: 010 42 15 00
Owner: Compagnie des Alpes
Website: www.walibi.com

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What park will you visit from our Complete List of Theme Parks in Belgium?

Now that you know the complete list of theme parks in Belgium, have you been to any one of these? If not yet, which one would you like to visit first with your family?

Next article is about, “How to select a theme park for you and your family?”.


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