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Visit the Brussels Flower Carpet

Are you going to the Brussels flower carpet this year? Thinking of some interesting things to do this summer in Belgium? Why not check out the Flower Carpet in the historical and a UNESCO World Heritage site in Brussels, the Grand Place? The Brussels flower carpet...

Reasons to Date a Filipina

Four reasons to date a Filipina - Filipinas are undeniably popular in the international dating world. A lot of men say that it’s because of the charm and elegance that are unique to these women. They have this sweet yet strong personality that men truly adore. Want to...

Filipinas and Money Stigma

The Filipinas and money stigma. While stereotypes are everywhere, it is most certainly present in a Filipina-Caucasian relationship. These interracial relationships often raise some eyebrows because of the stigma that these women are just in for the money. Gold...

Cheap Flight Tickets to Manila

Today, you can buy your cheap airline tickets to Manila. In this blog, I'll show you exactly how to book a return ticket of 434 euros back and forth from Amsterdam and Manila. Don't wait too long! Super deals such as this one are indeed for the fast decision-makers....

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On 18th of September in 1891 José Rizal's book El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed) came of the printing press in Ghent.

Would you like to see the City of Ghent name a street after him to commemorate this historic event and evergreen story?