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Love Quotes For Serious Couples

When a couple is seriously in love, it shows in their words and actions. They show no limits and excuses. But how can they keep the fire burning in their hearts? Here are few inspiring love quotes for couples who want to step up their relationship for a lifetime. 1....

Santorini: Best Places to Go and Things to Do

Know the Best Places to Go and Things to Do in Santorini, and you'll have the best holiday of a lifetime. As far as having the best holiday experience, there is certainly a checklist each one needs to prepare ahead of time. After all, spending a holiday with our loved...

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On 18th of September in 1891 José Rizal's book El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed) came of the printing press in Ghent.

Would you like to see the City of Ghent name a street after him to commemorate this historic event and evergreen story?