The best of Manila street foods. Manila, the capital of The Philippines and one of the most highly populated cities in the world is also the place to be for food enthusiasts. As a country with diverse ethnic backgrounds and a long history of colonial occupations from the Spaniards, Japanese and finally Americans, The Philippines has a great mixture of tastes in their cuisines with a strong root of its Asian flavor. This article presents you the best of Manila street foods.

Street foods

Street foods in the Philippines are probably the most underrated in the whole of Asia yet each has a rich flavor and history to offer. As a foreigner visiting the Philippines, the best place to try different street foods will be in Manila. It can be as easy to find authentic street foods as counting 1, 2, 3 the moment you step out in the busy streets of Manila. From the narrow pavements up to even along freeways, you can find locals selling them at an affordable price. Local markets are also the most convenient place to find the best yet cheap local food finds. When you go to malls, you may also find them there in those little food stalls yet it can be pricey but can equally be tasty as those in the markets. Asians street foods are great, but these are the best of Manila street foods, an overview:

The best street foods


It is a chocolate rice porridge. You can eat it with a salted dried sardines called “tuyo”. Filipino’s eat it for breakfast.

Banana Que or Banana Q

This is a great afternoon snack. You can make it with a banana variety called “saba”. Deep-fry the banana coat it with caramelized brown sugar. In the Philippines, they serve it on a stick like that of a barbecue.


It is so good to be just a street food. The main ingredient of the dish is shrimps. You mix it together with chopped sweet potatoes and finally egg-flour batter. Afterwards, it is deep fried. In the event, you would like to eat it, dip it in a  spicy vinegar sauce.

Halo Halo

This dessert is almost like the Filipino’s national dessert. It is Filipino’s local version of shaved iced sundae. Its main components are freshly shaved ice, different sweetened locally produced fruits like banana, red beans, macapuno, jackfruit, coconut and many more. It is then topped off with a scoop of ube flavored ice cream, a small sliced of leche flan and an evaporated milk.

Halo Halo, is the best of Manila street foods.

Street barbecues

Filipinos almost eat everything from head to feet of a chicken’. These are the most known barbecues to indulge in: Adidas(chicken’s feet), betamax(mixture of pork or chicken blood formed into rectangular pieces), isaw(chicken or pork intestines) and helmet(chicken’s head). There’s a huge variety of sauces to choose from that make them even tastier.


It is a boiled duck embryo ranging between 14 to 21 days old. Surely you can eat it best with a pinch of salt and spicy vinegar.


You can eat this sizzling dish alongside a Filipino beer(San Miguel). While it includes pig head and liver, it gets tasty with calamansi and chili pepper.

When trying Filipino street foods for the first time, have someone you trust to guide and walk you through since they know the best local place to go. The best part in indulging these local must-eats is having good local people to eat with while singing a videoke or karaoke. Nothing can be better than these best of Manila street foods!

Let us know what street foods you like in Manila. Or write a street food article as a guest writer.