5 Best Characteristics of Filipinas

5 Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas

What are the 5 Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas? From Filipina beauty to the list of characteristics, here’s what every Pinay who wants to date a foreigner needs to know.

While there’s a huge number of Filipino women who try to date foreign men(particularly Westerners) by means of online dating, family or friend referral, social networking, etc. The competition is getting tougher and chances of finding the right one is now as difficult as college algebra.

Due to social pressures from peers and media, many girls go the other way around and forget the true essence of their own individuality.

What is a true Filipina Beauty?

Many wrong perceptions about beauty and character are implanted into the mind’s of young generation since the beginning of the computer age. From most of the local TV ads, we see a young lady wearing long, shiny, straight hair with a fair skin up to Korean dramas starring sexy actresses wearing micro mini dresses.

These little twists one at a time make up our young Filipino girls’ belief about true beauty. As a result, more ladies focus on impressing guys with their physical beauty. Including the influence of society that tells them to behave in a certain way rather than finding strength from their inner beauty and unique personality.

A true Filipina beauty embraces her inner beauty and unique personality.

What are the Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas?

All single ladies, pay attention because here is the list of the characteristics that serious and good foreign men are after for a Filipino woman. Here are the Top Five Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas:

  1. Well-rounded
  2. Optimistic
  3. Grateful
  4. Conservative
  5. A giver, not a Taker

1. They love a Filipino woman who can adapt well to any situation. A Well-Rounded Lady is someone who is open-minded and willing to learn new ways, language, culture or lifestyle.

A French guy, for example, would be happy to introduce his special someone to his family if the lady knows even a few French greetings. Foreigners admire it so much if she is teachable and learner.

2. Foreigners like a Filipino woman who turns negativity into positivity. An Optimistic Woman is someone who instead of complaining, is making a solution to a problem.

Also, they highly appreciate it if she doesn’t nag and grumble about her family problems and friends’? Finally, they adore her when they see her looking out for solutions rather than talking about problems.

3. They are into a Filipino woman who loves to appreciate gifts. A Grateful Woman is a lady who give thanks for every good gift she receives.

Ask any man in any  part of the world and surely they would love to be thankful for something they have done or given. The more the lady appreciates, the more man gives. That’s the how it works!

Being thankful is a formula of A Grateful Woman.

4. They are crazy about A Filipino woman who is conservative. A Traditional Woman is a lady who is humble enough to tell the guy about her background and past without forgetting where she came from.

These good guys just can’t resist a woman who is honest at the same time modest in keeping her old Filipino values.

5. They flock to a Filipino woman who isn’t after their bank accounts. A Money-Making Woman is that hot chick who is financially independent and capable of producing something on her own.

Most western guys provide financially to their partners and family. Some of them don’t even require their wives to contribute for the family. As a woman of worth, it is a great asset to be able to make money from your own sweat and share the blessings to your family.

Now that you know the Best Characteristics of Beautiful Filipinas you need in order to find a serious date. Get ready and show them that you’re a woman of worth. As they say, high-quality men attract high-quality women.

What about our foreign guys, what characteristics do you look for a perfect Filipina date?

5 Best Characteristics of Filipinas by Belgian Filipino Lovers

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