Top 10 Adventure Destinations in The Philippines

Adventure Destinations in The Philippines

The Philippines is a must-visit destination not only for travelers who look for relaxation but also for those who seek sports and adventure. With its beautiful plane to a hilly landscape that stretches from north to south, beaches that showcase crystal clear water and sugary white-sand, bodies of water that have the most diverse ecosystem on the planet, and so much more than you can imagine, there is always some action to do for the most adventuresome.

Top 10 Adventure Destinations Philippines
Top 10 Adventure Destinations Philippines by

We list down Top 10 Adventure Destinations in The Philippines that will definitely quench your thirst for an exquisite escapade. This checklist is based on its unsullied reputation and not just on tourist popularity. So whether you do freediving or scuba diving, waterfall jumping, shallow water snorkeling, or surfing on a Cloud 9, it doesn’t really matter. These destinations are here to stay for adventure-seekers and must be visited for a holiday.

Top 10 Adventure Destinations in The Philippines:

  1. Siargao
  2. Gigantes
  3. Sambauan
  4. Bantayan + Malapascua
  5. El Nido
  6. Camiguin
  7. Camotes
  8. Kalanggaman
  9. Coron
  10. Moalboal
Don’t ever go to The Philippines unless you know these Top 10 Adventure Destinations! by Belgian Filipino Lovers

Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in The Philippines

1. Siargao

Adventure Destination in Siargao
Adventure Destination in Siargao by

One of the best islands that The Philippines has to offer is Siargao Island. Located in the northeastern part of Mindanao, it is accessible by plane(from Manila, Clark, Cebu, and Davao) or ferry(from Surigao City via Fortune Angel). When you get there, you can choose to take a jeepney, tricycle, or motorcycle to where ever you want to visit.

Things To Do:

1.1 General Luna is the town center of the teardrop island where you can find most of the shops, restaurants, cafes, and accommodations. Come here to visit the main town!

1.2 Surf in Cloud 9, listed as the top 10 surf waves in the world. Thanks to those huge waves coming from the Pacific ocean. There is a room for every surfer whether you are a learner, beginner, intermediate, or expert.

1.3 Rent a bike and explore the island. This is the best way to meet friendly local Filipinos.

1.4 Do some island hopping tour and visit Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands. Each island has unique things to offer from the beach, surf, dive, and snorkel.

1.5 Discover the complex mangrove forest in Del Carmen. It is most appreciated when viewed from the top using a drone.

2. Gigantes

Adventure Destination in Gigantes
Adventure Destination in Gigantes by

The hidden gem of Iloilo is Gigantes Island or Island of the Giants. It might be a bit of a challenge to get in these remote group of islands, but it is surely worth a visit. This place is hugely isolated from the world with almost no internet connection and electricity. Thus making it a perfect location to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Things To Do:

2.1 Make sure you have enough cash with you as it is extremely hard to find ATM’s in the area.

2.2 Arrive at the main beach of the island for a classical white beach experience. It’s also a great location to experience the islands’ beautiful sunrise and sunset.

2.3 Find a fisherman to take you to other islands. Discover other luxury islands in the neighborhood.

2.4 Taste the best seafood in the world like a giant clamp, squids, prawns, and fishes.

2.5 Do some island hopping and discover a secret lagoon.

2.6 Explore Bakwitan cave that says to contain giant human bones.

3. Sambauan

Adventure Destination in Sambauan
Adventure Destination in Sambauan by

Sambauan island is maybe underrated but clearly one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. It boasts its white sand beach, crystal clear water, rich marine life, and a little cliff to see the panoramic view of the sea surrounding it.

Things To Do:

3.1 Climb up the old lighthouse to experience the beautiful sunset.

3.2 Take a boat from Biliran to get to Sambauan. It can be difficult to come here, so do a little research beforehand.

3.3 Set up your tent for overnight camping.

3.4 Sambauan is popular for its diving site, so do some scuba diving or snorkeling for an adventure.

4. Bantayan + Malapascua

Adventure Destination in Bantayan
Adventure Destination in Bantayan by

Bantayan and Malapascua are pretty close with a 3-hour boat drive from each other. It’s a perfect serene escape for all visitors who want to experience nature’s natural healing power. On the other hand, it also offers a world-class diving spot for those looking for adventures.

Adventure Destination in Malapascua
Adventure Destination in Malapascua by

Things To Do:

4.1 Jump off the cliffs like the locals.
4.2 Stay in Santa Fe, where you find the main beach area.
4.3 Visit Malapascua and get a chance to see their famous thresher sharks – eye candy for scuba divers.

5. El Nido

Adventure Destination in El Nido
Adventure Destination in El Nido by

El Nido is a little similar to Coron. It’s a no brainer as they are both settled in Palawan. It is known for tourists because of its world-class white-sand beaches and magnificent coral reefs. This place makes it an excellent getaway for leisure and water adventures.

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Things To Do:

5.1 Rent a hut and stay on the east side.

5.2 Move to the west side and explore El Nido.

5.3 Visit the white-sand Nacpan beach. There’s plenty of space to enjoy picnicking and playing.

5.4 Challenge yourself and climb Taraw Cliff for the best sunrise or sunset view. Just be extremely careful though!

5.5 Meet local and backpacker friends.

5.6 Experience El Nido’s out of the world limestone cliffs and lakes.

5.7 Check out Seven Commandos beach for the best sunrise.

6. Camiguin

Adventure Destination in Camiguin
Adventure Destination in Camiguin by

Camiguin is a volcanic island situated in the northernmost part of Mindanao. It is a pretty good size island and ideal for a small journey. It has a good amount of greens that make it perfect for a jungle-hike. And, not to forget its popular white-sand beach and refreshing waterfalls.

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Things To Do:

6.1 Rent a bike and explore the beautiful island.

6.2 Stumble on a nice waterfalls

6.3 Experience the Christian fiesta and their sumptuous food. Also, don’t forget to meet new local friends.

6.4 Soak in Katibawasan, Binangawan, and Tuasan waterfalls to freshen up your tired muscles after a long hike.

6.5 Climb Mt. Hibok-Hibok and be awed by the surroundings’ panoramic view.

6.6 Enjoy the white islands’ famous beach and sandbar.

7. Camotes

Adventure Destination in Camotes
Adventure Destination in Camotes by

Camotes Island is part of the group of islands in the Camotes Sea and close to Cebu. It is best to stay in Santiago Bay area when you visit this place. As expected, it is an island with a white beach. However, the quality of the sand is on the soft side and almost close to the clay. The place got its name from “camote” or sweet potato.

Things To Do:

7.1 Rent a motorbike and explore the serenity of Lake Danao.

7.2 Witness the magnificent rainbow clouds. However, this is not a guarantee as it is subject to the weather condition.

7.3 Go to the east side and visit The Rock, where your adrenaline skyrockets high. Here you can jump or witness the Filipino style of jumping.

7.4 Visit Bukilat cave for some nature tripping. This is the most famous cave among all others in Camotes.

8. Kalanggaman

Adventure Destination in Kalanggaman
Adventure Destination in Kalanggaman by

What makes this beautiful beach stand out from other white beaches is its sandbar. Sandbar definitely adds some extra flavor to the island. Kalanggaman has the longest and most epic sand bar in the Philippines. Crystal clear blue water, powdery white sand, and a long open wide sand bar; what else can you ask for?

Things To Do:

8.1 Enjoy the music played by the locals along the beach.

8.2 Meet beautiful and friendly Cebuana ladies.

8.3 Get a boat early to Kalanggaman as they only allow 500 tourists per day to visit the island.

8.4 Set up a tent and stay overnight to witness the most spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

9. Coron

Adventure Destination in Coron
Adventure Destination in Coron by

Coron is definitely the most popular tourist destination for foreign visitors as the place truly is magical. It has a lot to offer from water sports, hiking activities, seafood culinary, and more. You can choose your accommodation from the most affordable up to the most luxurious ones. Don’t miss this beauty when you’re in Palawan!

Things To Do:

9.1 Hike the 689-foot peak Mt. Tapyas and be captured by its breathtaking sunset view.

9.2 Rent a scooter and discover the neighboring towns. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet nice and friendly locals.

9.3 Take some island-hopping tour to experience the highlight of what Coron has to offer. Here you will discover the beautiful white cliffs and secret lakes.

9.4 Do snorkeling and be wondered by a Japanese shipwreck.10. Moalboal

10. Moalboal

Adventure Destination in Moalboal
Adventure Destination in Moalboal by

Moalboal is a tiny town located in Cebu and famous for the Kawasan waterfalls. It is a popular go-to for backpackers who love the decent-looking beach and hippy bars. The place offers great water sports due to its spectacular coral reefs and sea-life creatures like starfish, turtles, and a tornado of sardines. This place must be in your bucket list!

Things To Do:

10.1 For diving enthusiasts out there, try scuba diving and discover the amazing reefs and underwater-life in Moalboal.

10.2 Snorkeling is another fun activity to do here with family or friends.

10.3 Visit Kawasan waterfalls for a little adventure. This is definitely a place to remember as you jump off the hill and land on a turquoise clear water.

10.4 Get their locally produced honey as a souvenir.

There are hundreds of other great adventure destinations to explore in The Philippines that are not on our top 10 list. However, for now, this is Belgian Filipino Lover’s favorite Philippine getaways. How about you, what’s your favorite Philippine adventure destination?

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