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Belgian Filipino Lovers summarizes all the good works of many Belgians and Filipinos. What started as a Facebook page with the aim of helping our fellow Filipinos and Belgians getting their Fiance to Belgium in a safe, legal, and effective way become an inspiring community.
The very heart of Belgian Filipino Lovers is to promote a strong relationship and family ties established with love, faith, and hope.

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About us Belgian Filipino Lovers

The Belgian Filipino Lovers believes that a strong relationship leads to a healthy community; that is helping and lifting one another. This is also the reason why the e-book “Belgian Filipino Lovers – a practical fiance visa application guide” came to life. The main goal of our first e-book is to give confidence to every Fiance visa applicant and their partners by sharing a comprehensive step by step guideline. We make each step from pre-marriage, during marriage until integration as easy as possible yet effective.

Belgian Filipino Lovers started with an e-book, full of practical advice.

A couple of years later, the Belgian Filipino Lovers Team recognizes that growth is an essential part of a healthy and growing family. As one family in the community, our strong team desires to bring the East and West united in all areas of life by means of giving back to the people in the community.


Belgium and the Philippines are two opposite countries in almost any perspective, yet both can be one in love and purpose. Our team is full of young talented Filipinos and Belgians who are dedicated to sharing you with unique information about culture, people, tourism, dating and relationship of these two unique countries.


The team is proud to launch the Belgian Filipino Lovers website which offers everyone a FREE membership. As a Belgian Filipino Lovers member, you are entitled to certain benefits: community membership, access our FREE downloadable e-books and calendars, contribute a blog article as a guest writer, join our listing for businesses and be part of future events.


As a family grows so Belgian Filipino Lovers community is. We look forward helping, connecting, and inspiring every Belgian and Filipino around the world. Let us grow together as one, strong and proud Belgian – Filipino! Be part of our growing family!
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

- Anno 2015 -