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120th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Belgium

A look at the 120th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Belgium. Every 12th of June, the Philippines celebrates its Independence Day or popularly known for Filipinos as “Araw ng Kasarinlan” or “Araw ng Kalayaan” which literally translates as “Day of Freedom”. It is a National Holiday since 1962.

The celebration of Independence Day epitomizes all the love and endeavors of our great heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and many other significant men and women who fought bravely for our motherland against the Spanish regime.

Philippine Independence Day is probably the most important holiday in the country. Since it is commemorated by all Filipinos around the globe including Belgium.

How Filipinos celebrate Philippine Independence Day in the mainland?

As important as the Philippine Independence Day is, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines requires by law that all Philippine flags are raised and flown as early as the 28th until the 30th of May.

The simultaneous raising of flags all over the country starting at 7 in the morning at the tune of “Lupang Hinirang”, the Philippines National Anthem is a common practice during this special holiday.

Many families and friends gather in outdoor parks to do something together. Numerous parks in the country are named after Rizal. But the most popular one is Luneta Park in Manila, where different activities happen.

A lot of times, the holiday continues with fireworks in the evening. In general, Filipinos celebrate Philippine Independence Day as simple as possible along with loved ones and friends.

How does the Filipino community in Belgium celebrate the Philippine Independence Day?

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas(CFO) recorded that there are about 12,224 Filipinos living in Belgium as of December 2013. It is not fairly close to what the Belgian National Institute of Statistics has in hand. Which shows 3,067 Filipinos officially registered in the same period. Regardless of the facts, the Belgian – Filipino community preserves the country’s cultural heritage and values as started off by our forefathers.

The Philippine Independence Day celebrations in Belgium are around June. At the moment, there are several Filipino community groups organizing this special event which explains why there are more than one official Philippine Independence Day events around Belgium. Despite this, each community group aims at bringing family and friends together for a fun-filled day while promoting Philippine culture and tradition.

Philippine Independence Day celebrations in Belgium

The 120th Philippines Independence Day in various locations and on different days:

  1. Brugge
  2. Gent
  3. Deinze

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The Philippine Independence Day event in Belgium usually starts with a Catholic Mass. Since 85.5% of Filipinos back home are Christians. Following with a series of activities such as games, singing, dancing, and raffle draws.

Since Filipinos love eating, particularly local Filipino cuisine, there are different food stalls available in the vicinity where everyone can partake with their family and friends. Through this event, the younger generation of Filipinos in Belgium familiarizes themselves with the Philippines. Visa Versa will local Belgians familiarize themselves with Filipino ways and heritage.

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