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What to Expect in a Filipino Christmas Celebration?

It's Christmas! The season, that's considered the best year by most people around the world. What if there's a country that celebrates the best season of the year for a surprising six months? Yes, you've read it correctly. As early as September and as late as...

International Symposium for Filipino Literature in Spanish

In line with the upcoming International Symposium for Filipino Literature in Spanish in the Context of Hispanic-Asian Studies, we reach out to one of the persons behind the gathering of scholars and participants to study and talk about some of the most interesting...

Chronology of The Life of José Rizal

The Chronology of The Life of José Rizal offers a full list of the major life events of the most prominent Filipino hero, José Rizal. From his birth to various activities, and travels, up to his death and the Rizal Mausoleum, you will find them in order according to...

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